Our Company

Our primary business objectives are to maintain stable and predictable cash flows and to increase our quarterly cash distribution per unit over time. We intend to accomplish these objectives by executing the following business strategies: 

Generate Stable, Fee-Based Cash FlowsWe intend to generate stable and predictable cash flows over time by providing fee-based logistics services. As we grow our business beyond our current assets and operations, we will seek to enter into similar fee-based contracts with our parent and third parties that generate stable and predictable cash flows. 

Pursue Attractive Organic Growth Opportunities. We intend to enhance the profitability of our initial assets by pursuing, individually or with our parent, organic growth projects. For example, we believe certain expansion projects that may be implemented by our parent at its ethanol production plants would enable us to utilize the strategic location and capacity of our assets and would increase annual throughput at our facilities. We believe our capital expenditures associated with such potential expansion projects would be minimal since our ethanol storage facilities have available capacity to accommodate growth in our parent’s throughput. In addition, we expect to collaborate with our parent and other potential third-party customers to identify other growth opportunities to construct assets and build businesses that will enable them to pursue their business strategies while providing us with stable cash flows through fee-based service agreements. 

Pursue Accretive Acquisitions. We intend to pursue strategic, accretive acquisitions of complementary assets from our parent and third parties. We intend to continually monitor the marketplace, individually and in conjunction with our parent, to identify and pursue asset acquisitions from third parties that complement or diversify our existing operations. We expect to pursue both ethanol and other fuel storage and terminal assets, initially focusing on assets in close geographic proximity to our existing asset base. 

Conduct Safe, Reliable and Efficient Operations. We are committed to maintaining the safety, reliability, environmental compliance and efficiency of our operations. All of our assets are staffed by experienced industry personnel. We, along with our parent, will also continue to focus on incremental operational improvements to enhance overall production results. We will seek to improve our operating performance through commitment to our preventive maintenance program along with employee training, safety and development programs. We believe these objectives are integral to maintaining stable cash flows and critical to the success of our business. 

Maintain Financial Strength and Flexibility. We intend to maintain financial strength and flexibility, which should enable us to pursue acquisitions and new growth opportunities as they arise. We believe that our borrowing capacity and ability to access debt and equity capital markets after this offering will provide us with the financial flexibility necessary to achieve our organic and accretive acquisition growth strategies.